The Colour Conundrum

Quite often, after you have received the printed copies of your book, you will notice that the colours in it (or on the cover) are quite different from those you saw on the screen while the book was being developed. This is because the colour schemes used in each case – the computer screen and the printer’s ink – are vastly different in their composition and, consequently, appearance.

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The two colour schemes are RGB (Red, Green and Blue), used for depicting colour on the computer screen (the pixels have little subpixels that just show red, green or blue in different ‘doses’), and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black; the K actually stands for key, which was what the black colour denoted), a combination of ink amounts that produces a certain colour.

A little more technical detail for those who might care: RGB colours are also known as “additive colour”, because there are no colours to begin with, and the colours are added together to achieve further colour combinations, or until the outcome is white. On the other hand, CMYK colours are subtractive – it starts with all colours (which combine to form black) and as colours are subtracted incrementally, the outcome gradually veers towards white.

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What must be noted is that the colour gamut in case of the RGB palette is a much larger one when compared to the CMYK palette. Care must be therefore taken to ensure that, while designing printed material, the CMYK palette is used so that printing can actually happen with the right colours. In most software, the default mode is RGB, so if you are designing a printed brochure, for example, you must ensure that you switch to the CMYK colour palette.

So, rule of thumb: CMYK for print jobs, and RGB for web-based graphics.

Book review of India and the West: The First Encounters (particularly in Goan Salcete)



On the Spice Trail

Europe Discovers India in Goa

Joseph Velinkar

Goa,1556 & Golden Heart Emporium: 2016

Pp 376  Rs. 400

India and the West

The First Encounters (particularly in Goan Salcete)

Joseph Velinkar

CinnamonTeal Publishing: 2016

2nd Edition

Pp 278 Rs. 299

Goa has always been a mystery. And many have delved into it. From the famous flight of the arrow off the Western Ghats to its present-day impassioned claims to Indian-ness amidst its strong semi-Lusitanian outlook; from the solid middle-class endorsement of social mores to its openness to junkies and other unmentionables over recent decades; from the killing of Fr. Aquaviva (who visited Akbar’s court) and his companions in Cuncolim to the apparent acquiescence to extensive conversions and the Inquisition; from the courage to stay put when several thousands were fleeing from marauders of various hues to the universal attitude described by Martin Niemoller in all that happens to Goa even today. There is mystery in our most impressive prehistoric, village-level self-government which ran for centuries until it gave way to “liberated” party politics. Mystery also surrounds our unique, prehistoric method of harnessing the tidal waters (Khazans) with its intricate canals and sluice gates, and embankments of mud and laterite, protecting our agriculture from the ravages of tidal waters, a system unequalled anywhere in the world – except perhaps the dykes of the Netherlands. But most often today, the mystery of Goa spills out of tourist-brochures – while the drug-trade and human trafficking continue to be a mystery to the powers that be.

The two books under review delve into the mystery of Goa as it was perceived by European traders / settlers / conquerors; Goa as it evolved from a mere trading point to the grand Estado da India. So it was in 1998 that India and The West came to be published by Fr. Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, Mumbai; the Foreword to this book was written ten years earlier by Dr. George M. Moraes, the celebrated historian-author, with Kadamba Kula (1931), History of Christianity in India (1964) among others, to his name; one-time head of the aforesaid Heras Institute, Dr. Moraes did not live to see the book published as he passed away in 1994. The publication of the second edition of the book has been boldly undertaken by CinnamonTeal Publishing, Goa.

On The Spice Trail is a Goa1556 venture in association with Golden Heart Emporium – (hereafter referred to as Spice for brevity). While India and The West rose out of a doctoral dissertation and concentrates on Salcete, Spice takes on a larger canvas covering the whole of Goa – and a longer period in time. But both in effect cover the same ground. The author in his Prologue says Spice is an expansion and continuation of the earlier book. The “expansion” aspect is quite apparent, and inevitable, since much of what happened in Salcete happened in the rest of the territory – except for the violence in Cuncolim. But Fr. Velinkar appears to be at pains to show, in both the books, that all the conversions to Christianity (in Goa) at the hands of the European missionaries were voluntary. He talks of pressures brought in by one member of a converted family upon the other non-converted members, but no pressure, he says, was brought by the proselytising powers. Amen!

There are details of those initial encounters and negotiations, victories and defeats … mixed with treachery, and desertions by mercenary forces. The encounters kept the various conquerors on their toes but one misses references to what may be mere folklore as in the joint suicide of the women in Chandor equivalent to the ‘johar’ of Rajasthan, historic events like the Pinto revolt and references to the British regime during the Napoleonic wars. The Inquisition takes all of two pages in Spice Trail and is not even mentioned in the other book. A major source of delight for the avid reader of Goa’s history is the detailed description of the formation of the gaunkari system – and the successful functioning thereof for centuries (which the Muslim invaders recognised and supported and the Portuguese renamed as comunidade). The post-1961 plight of the comunidades does not merit comment.

Both the books start with a detailed introduction to the geography of Goa so that when we move into the military operations we are familiar with the routes taken and have a fair idea of topology. Which, for the lay reader, makes for a compact one-volume presentation on Goa of the 16th century.

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मृदवेणा मूळ कोंकणी: जयंती नायक, मराठी अनुवाद: सिसिलिया कार्व्हालो अवधूत आमोणकार राजाई प्रकाशन N/A Rs.170 Paperback
Tujea Moga Khatir Pio Fernandes Pio Fernandes N/A Rs.150 Paperback
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Mhojea Bannavle Ganvant Cirilo D. Fernandes Ed’s Printers N/A Rs.50 Paperback
पांच दसकां कोंकणी कवितेचिं संपादक: माधव बोरकार कोंकणी भाशा मडंळ (Konkani Bhasha Mandal) N/A Rs.200 Paperback
Zagor Jeetendra R. Fadte Dalgado Konknni Akademi 978-81-92801-34-6 Rs.70 Paperback
Murmuro Pratap Naik S.J Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
हें अशेंच चलतलें (Hem Oxench Choltolem!) R.B.S. Komarpant Rukbai Prakashan N/A Rs.50 Paperback
Motiam Brazinho Soares Kalapurkar Tadeu Soares Prokaxon N/A Rs.50 Paperback
Sopon-gondh:(kovita Jhelo) Mull Borovpi: Sonia Subhash Shah Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
Ximpio (Kovita) Selza Lopes Selza Lopes N/A Rs.150 Paperback
नंतर (Nanatar) पांडुरंग गांवकर समृध्दी प्रकाशन N/A Rs.65 Paperback
हय सायबा उदय नरसिंह म्हांबरो स्नेह प्रकाशन N/A Rs.100 Hardback
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नाझिया पांडुरंग गांवकर समृध्दी प्रकाशन 978-81-921458-3-9 Rs.150 Paperback
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माणकां आनी मोतयां पोब्र फेर्नांडीज जीवनसूर प्रकाशन N/A Rs.100 Paperback
कोंकणी चलचिंत्रा इजिदोर दान्तस एड़ बर्नार्द एफ़ डिसोझा 97B-B1-91361-1-4 Rs.600 Hardback
Modern-English Konkani Dictionary Isidore Dantas Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-31-9 Rs.497 Hardback
कोंकणी व्याकरण सुरेश ज़ बोरकार कोंकणी भाशा मडंळ N/A Rs.250 Paperback
कोंकणी व्याकरण: आठवी ते धावी सौ. अर्चना अशोक कामत संजना पब्लिकेशस्न N/A Rs.150 Paperback
ओंवळां सुधा वसंत लवंदे संजना पब्लिकेशस्न N/A Rs.120 Paperback
कोंकणी भाशेचें व्याकरण प्रो. लु आ. रोद्रीगिश प्रो़. लु आ. रोद्रिगिरा N/A Rs.5 Paperback
Amchi Bhas Borounchi Promann Rit Pratap Naik S.J Dalgado Konknni Akademi 978-81-928013-2-2 Rs.30 Paperback
Konknni Cholchitram Isidore Dantas Dantas Publication 978-81-910361-0-7 Rs.450 Hardback
Lets Learn Konkani Suresh J. Borkar Rajhauns Sankalpana Pvt. Ltd. 978-81-85339-41-7 Rs.145 Paperback
Konkani English Dictionary Suresh J. Borkar, Mukesk P Thali, Damodar K Ghanekar Rajhauns Vitaran 81-7810-141-6 300 Paperback
English Konkani:New Generation Prakash G Thali Rajhauns Vitaran 978-81-7810-278-1 Rs.160 Paperback
कारबारी कोंकणी प्रा. भूषण भावे, प्रा. प्रकाश वजरीकार, प्रा. प्रकाश
राजहंस वितरण N/A Rs.275 Paperback
Inglez Konknni (Romi Lipi) Utravoll Goa Konkani Akademi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.200 Paperback
हिन्दी कोंकणी शब्दकोश (Hindi-Konkani Dictionary) Dr. Anant Ram Bhat Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.380 Paperback
सांगोड पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-80-4 Rs.100 Paperback
प्रेमजागोर पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-78-2 Rs.100 Paperback
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Loz Ani Dukh (Khell Tiatr) Premanand A. Lotlikar Pritam Prokaxon N/A Rs.40 Paperback
Venchik 5 Tiatr Agnelo (Borim) Vandana Productions Borim N/A Rs.199 Paperback
Bhaddeacho Kusvo Menino M. Araujo Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
Futt Fausto V. DaCosta The Goan Review Prokaxon N/A Rs.30/- Paperback
Sopon: 10 Nattkuleanchi Sankoll James Fernandes Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
अन्धा युग मूळ लेखक : धर्मवीर भारती, अणकार: रमेश भगवंत वेळूस्कार अस्मिताय प्रतिष्ठान N/A Rs.50 Paperback
साळकांतलो जादुगार मीना काकोडकार दुर्गा प्रकाशन, मडगांव N/A Rs.70 Paperback
तिरंगा चक्राचक्री पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-83-9 Rs.100 Paperback
दिश्‍टदौलत पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-90-1 Rs.100 Paperback
सूर्यसांवत पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 86488-14-6 Rs.40 Paperback
शिरी रे शिरी ! अधांतरी ! पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-84-7 Rs.100 Paperback
कांसुलो पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-94-4 Rs.100 Paperback
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चित्र स्वयंवर पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-91-X Rs.100 Paperback
धनयां देंवचारा पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-87-1 Rs.100 Paperback
काळजाची काणी पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-85-5 Rs.100 Paperback
कथा अस्तुरी पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-81-2 Rs.100 Paperback
सांवार युग श्रीधर कामत बांबोळकार अनंतशाली प्रकाशन N/A Rs.130 Paperback
Uzo Uloinam ani Chintunk Naslem Natty Fernandes Dalgado Konknni Akademi 978-81-928013-8-4 Rs.150 Paperback
परिक्रमा पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-93-6 Rs.100 Paperback
नवचेतना पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-97-9 Rs.140 Paperback
अंता घरा भगवंता पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन 81-86488-86-3 Rs.100 Paperback
दिगंत पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन N/A Rs.30 Paperback
आत्मवंचना पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन N/A Rs.30 Paperback
दायज पुंडलीक नायक अपुरबाय प्रकाशन N/A Rs.30 Paperback
वेंचीक पुंडलीक (Venchik Pundalik) Pundalik Naik Konkani Bhasha Mandal N/A Rs.225 Paperback
प्रातिनिधीक कथां झेलो भालचंद्र गांवकार, अंजू साखरदांडे, नित्यानंद नायक Konkani Bhasha Mandal N/A Rs.150 Paperback
श्‍यामाची आई साने गुरूजी नॅशनल बुक ट्रस्ट, इंडिया (National Book Trust India) 978-81-237-6194-7 Rs.110 Paperback
गळसरी (Galasari) एन. शिवदास (N. Shivdas) Rudra Prakashan N/A Rs.250 Paperback
म्हाजन (Mhazan) N.Shivdas उर्बा प्रकाशन (Urba Prakashan) N/A Rs.250 Paperback
शिवकथा (Shivkatha) N.Shivdas Rudra Prakashan N/A Rs.300 Paperback
Bandpas Menino Almeida Marrish Prokaxon N/A Rs.50 Paperback
Kotrin Willy Goes Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
Ti Axea Pedro Caetano D’Silva (C. D’Silva) Pedro Caetano D’Silva N/A Rs.30 Paperback
Veson: Ani her Ek – Anki Natkulim Cirilo Fernandes Tiatr Academy of Goa N/A Rs.20 Paperback
Chnn’nam ani Kan’ddam Daniel F. De Souza Talia Prokaxon N/A Rs.125 Paperback
कणसां (Konnsam) विन्सी क्वाद्रूस (Vincy Quadros) Snows Prokashan N/A Rs.200 Hardback
Bim Toxem Bhat/Argam Bor.Joe Meny Furtado Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.150 Paperback
Turo Vincy Quadros Snows Prakashan N/A Rs.60 Paperback
Porsum Vincy Quadros Snows Prakashan N/A Rs.60 Paperback
फुलदाणी (Fuldanni) Vincy Quadros Shobha Prakashan N/A Rs.50 Paperback
आमी(Aami) Meena Kakodkar Durga Prakashan N/A Rs.150 Paperback
वास्तू (Vastu) Meena Kakodkar Durga Prakashan N/A Rs.300 Paperback
रुमदफूल Damodar Mauzo Rajhauns Vitaran (राजहंस वितरण) 81-85339-64-3 Rs.70 Paperback
वतांतल चान्नें (Vatantalem channe) सुधा खरंगटे Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.115 Paperback
भोगदंड (Bhogadandd) Hema Naik Apurbhai Prakashan 81-86488-62-6 Rs.125 Paperback
Voros Fukott Vochunk Gajanan Jog Dalgado Konknni Akademi 978-81-928013-8-4 Rs.140 Paperback
Khell Zalo Vell Vincy Quadros Dalgado Konknni Akademi 978-81-928013-7-7 Rs.100 Paperback
Pedru Tiva Pedru Tiva Jan Grafix Publications N/A Rs.75 Paperback
Bhurgeank Xembhor Kanniancho Jhelo Maria S. Afonso Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.199 Paperback
सुचलें तशें (Suchlem Tashem) Alka Sinai Asoldekar Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.150 Paperback
जितें मर्ण (Jitem Mornn) Devidas Kadam Sanjana Publications 978-81-931381-4-4 Rs.195 Paperback
दुर्गावतार (Durgavtaar) Hema Naik Apurbhai Prakashan 81-86488-77-4 Rs.100 Paperback
Khand: Eka Onbhavarteachi Iatra Willy Goes Jan Grafix Publications N/A Rs.50 Paperback
खांद (Khand) Willy Goes Jan Grafix Publications N/A Rs.80 Paperback
गॅर्र (Gerra) Sheela Kolambkar Apurbai Prakashan 81-86488-74-x Rs. 150 Paperback
गुणाजी (Gunnaji) Pundalik Naik Apurbai Prakashan N/A Rs.40 Paperback
Eklo Eksuro Chandrakant Keni Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
बा (BAA) Jayant Balaji Nayak Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
नशिबांत निर्मिल्लें (Noxibant Nirmilolem) Camilo Menezes Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.60 Paperback
बाय गो (Bai Go) Krishna Sobati Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.60 Paperback
थिकां (Thinkam) Namrata Sailesh Salelkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.60 Paperback
अबुद्धि (Abuddhi) Saratchandra Chaterji Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.35 Paperback
विखार विळखो (Vikhar Vilkho) Mahabaleshwar Sail Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.199 Paperback
अमृतवेळ (Amrutvel) Maya Anil Mohit prakashan N/A Rs.290 Paperback
Kapaz Jaki Willy Goes Domingos Publications & Productions N/A Rs.100 Paperback
Altoddi Ani Poltoddi Willy Goes Dalgado Konkann Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
Mon Sanvrona (Mottvea Kannyancho Jhelo) Willy Goes Queeny Productions and Publications N/A Rs.60 Paperback
Kantto Willy Goes Dalgado Konkanni Akademi N/A Rs.40 Paperback
सायनॅप्स (Synapse) Dr. Madhusudan Joshi Apurbhai Prakashan 81-86488-99-5 Rs.250 Paperback
काळें भंगार (Kalle Bhangar) Edwin J. F. D’souza Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.300 Paperback
आदण (Adann) Late Durgadas Datta Gawade Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.60 Paperback
कालळचक (Kalchakra) Shri. Atul R. Pandit Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.40 Paperback
कथा अरुण (Kathaa Arunn) Arun Sitaram Singbal Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.140 Paperback
उबंतर (Ubanter) Devidas Kadam Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.160 Paperback
सूफीन सांगिल्ली काणी (Sufin Sangillim Kanni) Gokuldas Prabhu Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
अशे घडले शण्‍ौ गोंयबाब (Ashe Ghadle Shennoi Goembab) Damodar Mauzo Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.20 Paperback
म्हूर्तमणी (Mhurtmani) Smita Nagesh Prabhu Chodnekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.80 Paperback
कोंबो गेलो तारवार (Kombo Gello Tarwaar) A.N.Mhambro Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
कथाशील (Kathashil) Sheela Tukaram Kolambkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
बिंदूला बाबू (Bindulo Babu) Saradchandra Chatterji Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.45 Paperback
गांवमन (Gauman) Naresh C. Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
हरीश, पीरीश देंवचार (Harish, Pirish ani Denvchar) Satish Dalvi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
ध्रुवतारे (Druvtare) Dr. Kasturi Mohan Pai Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.150 Hardback
सांवळ्यां रेगो (Savlyan Rego) Amitav Ghosh’s Sahitya Akademi 978-81-260-4576-1 Rs.150 Paperback
यादींतलीं माणकां – मोतयां (Yadintli Mannkam Motyam) N.D. Borkar Bimb Prakashan 978-93-84951-91-7 Rs.180 Paperback
हंss (ko Aham) Asha Shanbhag Bimb Prakashan 978-93-84951-97-9 Rs.180 Paperback
सैमदेव (Soimdev) Mahabaleshwar Sail Bimb Prakashan 978-93-84951-92-4 Rs.60 Paperback
सोनू पडलें बांयंत (Sonu Padle Baint) Sudha Kharangate Bimb Prakashan 978-93-84951-93-1 Rs.140 Paperback
चिमटे धुमके (Chimtte Dhumke) K. M. Sukhthankar Bimb Prakashan N/A Rs.180 Paperback
परीघ (Pareegh) Shashank Sitaram Asmitai Pratishthan N/A Rs.50 Paperback
अंजनी (Anjani) H. Ratnakar Rao Sanjana Publication N/A Rs.220 Paperback
चवकी (Chavki) M.D. Vasudevan Nair Asmitai Pratishthan N/A Rs.125 Paperback
म्हजी माती, म्हजीं मनशां (Mhoji Mati, Mhoji Mansha) Dr. Jayanti Naik Rajaee Prakashan N/A Rs.200 Paperback
समर्पण (Samarpan) Jyoti Kunkolienkar Avadhut Amonkar N/A Rs.190 Paperback
Xirap ani her nnov kotha Ben Antao CinnamonTeal Publishing 978-93-81542-98-9 Rs.275 Paperback
गर्जन (Garjan) Jayanti Naik Rajaee Prakashan N/A Rs.150 Paperback
दिका (Deeka) Devdas Kadam Asmitai Pratishthan N/A Rs.200 Paperback
देशांतरींच्यॊ लोककथा (Deshantarinchyo Lokkatha) Dr. Jayanti Naik Rajaee Prakashan N/A Rs.150 Paperback
लोकरंग (Lokranga) Dr. Jayanti Naik Rajaee Prakashan N/A Rs.120 Paperback
आत्मकथा (Atmakatha) Mahatma Gandhi Navajivan Publishing House 81-7229-419-0 Rs.30 Paperback
कोंकण्‍याली किवकला (Konkanneali kavikala) Dr.Krishnanand Laxman Kamat Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Hardback
र.वि.पंडित (R.V.Pandit : Jeveet Aanee Waawar) Dr. S.M. Tadkodkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.85 Paperback
कोंकणींतल्यान पूर्व – प्राथमिक शिक्षण (Pre Primary Education
in Konkani)
Sathish Dalvi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.120 Paperback
Jinnechim Panvalam (Footprints of Life) Pio Esteves Esteves Prokaxon N/A Rs.30 Paperback
आमोणें – एक लोकजीण (Amonnem- Yek Lokjinn) Jyanti Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.150 Hardback
हाडामासाचीं देवळां (Hadamasachim Devalam) Sanjiv Verenkar Navishri Creation N/A Rs.200 Paperback
Mohabharot (Adi Porv) Prof. L.A. Rodrigues Shri. Avertano Furtado N/A Rs.40 Hardback
कायघांच्या दर्यांतलीं ल्हारां (kaydyanchya Daryantalim
N.Bernard D’souza Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.150 Paperback
तालगडी (Talgadi: Collection of Newspaper Articles) Sandesh Prabhudesai Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.199 Paperback
ज्‍वालामुखी (Jvalamukhi: A Collection of Essays) Gudalupe Dias Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.190 Paperback
गोंयची लोकक़ला (Goyanchim Lokkala) Jayanti Naik Avadhut Amonkar N/A Rs.27 Paperback
Jinnechea Som’dirant John M. Alfonso, Karmelit Dhyanavana Publication N/A Rs.110 Paperback
Sankoll Bonaventure D’Pietro Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.250 Paperback
Konkanni Mhonn’nneanchi Zannvay Almir de Sousa Almir de Sousa N/A Rs.100 Paperback
Sotachim Kirnnam Eusebio Gomes Futardo Publication N/A Rs.30 Paperback
Suryauday Vincy Quadros Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.150 Paperback
Polloilam Tem Boroilam Tomazinho Cardozo Omor Prakason N/A Rs.80 Paperback
Potrkarita Stanley Vaz Angie Publications N/A Rs.200 Paperback
अघळ पघळ (Aghall Paghal: Collection of Essays) Ravindra Kelekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.60 Paperback
कर्लेची बनवड (Karlechim Bonvod) Jayanti Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.65 Paperback
तीन सोद निबंद (Tin Sodd Niband : Research Papers) Pro. Buxan Bave, Dr. Arun Heblekar, Shri. Pandurang
Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.25 Paperback
गोंय आनी गोंयकारपण (Goem Ani Goenkarponn: Collection of
Prakash Talavnekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
पेडणेचो दसरो (Pednecho Dosaro) Jayanti Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.40 Paperback
रथा तुज्यो घुडयो: आमोणेचीं धोलो गीतां (Rotha Tujeo Ghuddio:
Amonnechim Dhalo-Gitam)
Jayanti Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.40 Paperback
परीस – स्पर्श (Biography) Anant Dattaram Kelkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.180 Paperback
ताठ काणों (Taath Kanna) Dr. P.S.Ramani (Konkani Translation: Hema Naik) Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.150 Paperback
Goycho Pormoll Premanand A. Lotlikar, Vincy Quadros Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs.20 Paperback
Bhag. Juze Vaz: Jezucho ani Moriecho Gulam’ Oscar De Noronha Third Millennium 978-81-930707-1-0 Rs.99 Paperback
Pai Tiartist : Joao Agostinho Fernandes John Gomes Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.40 Paperback
Kristanvancho Zagor Sod-Vavr Marcos Gonsalves Dalgado Konknni Akademi 978-81-928013-0-8 Rs. 250 Paperback
Konknni Oparincho Jhelo Brazinho Soares Kalapurkar Tadeu Soares Prokaxon N/A Rs.65 Paperback
Kombreo Selza Lopes Omor Publications N/A Rs.70 Paperback
Ale Bele Pio Esteves Esteves Prokaxon N/A Rs.200 Paperback
जयंतीची कथा (Jayantichi Katha: A Critical Appraisal) Avadhut Amonkar Rajaee Prakashan N/A Rs.125 Paperback
लोकमंथन (Lokmanthan) Jayanti Naik Rajaee Prakashan N/A Rs.120 Paperback
अस्मिताययेचो कसाय (Asmitayecho Kasaay : Compilation of
selected articles)
Uday Bhembre Sanjana Publications 978-81-931381-8-2 Rs.200 Paperback
धर्मायण (Dharmayan) N. Shivdas Urba Prakashan N/A Rs.200 Paperback
सत्यांजली (Satyanjali: A Collection of Articles on Satyawan
Dinesh RA. Manerkar Sanjana Publications N/A Rs. Paperback
श्रीनारदाचीं (Shree Naradhachim Bhktisutra ) Ganapati Laximan Dandekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
समग्र शणै गोंयबाब खंड – 2 (Samagra Shenoi Goembab: Collected
literature of Shenoi Goembab)
Goa Konkani Akademi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.220 Paperback
मार्गदर्शी व्यक्तीमत्वां : जिणेच्या प्रायोजना विशीं भासाभास
(Margadarshi Vyaktimatvan : Jinechya Prayojanavishim Bhasabhas)
Bhushan Bhave Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.140 Paperback
समग्र शणै गोंयबाब खंड – 4 (Samagra Shenoi Goembab) Goa Konkani Akademi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.200 Paperback
भािषक संघषचे समाजशास्त्र (Samajshastra) Ravindra Kelekar Rajhauns Vitaran N/A Rs.135 Paperback
भक्तियोग (Bhaktiyog) Manikrao Ram Naik Gaunekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
कर्मयोग (swami vivekananda) Manikrao Ram Naik Gaunekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
आमचें मन : भलायकी, दुयेंस आनी उपचार (Amche Man : Bhalayanki, Duyens Ani Upchar) Dr. Ravindra Agrawal, Dr. Abhijit Nadkarni, Dr. Anil Rane Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
तळय उखल्ली खेळ्य़ानी : अमोंनेचीं शिगम्यचीं – गीतां (Tolloi Ukhol’li Khelleamni : Amonnechim Shigmeachi-Gitam) Jayanti Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.35 Paperback
लक्ष्‍मणराव सरदेसय (Laxmanrao Sardesai: Monograph on Life
and Work)
Prakash Thali Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100
आॅटिझम (Autism) Maya Mangesh Kamat Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.120 Paperback
तुमच्या कण्‍याची काळजी घेयात (Take Care of your Back:
Dr. P.S. Ramani Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
तियात्राचो इतिहास (Tiatracho Itihas) Prakash Thali Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.35 Paperback
कौल (Koul) Dr. Harischandra Nagvenkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
अंता अंता शिरिमंता (Anta Anta Shririmanta) Rajay Pawar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.25 Paperback
फ्लोटिंग लायफ (Floating Life) Prasad Suresh Pagi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.130 Paperback
समग्र शणै गोंयबाब खंड – 1 (Samagra Shenoi Goembab: Collected
literature of Shenoi Goembab)
Goa Konkani Akademi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.210 Paperback
पाजण (Pazann) Pundalik Narayan Naik Apurbai Prakashan 81-86488-76-6 Rs.100 Paperback
शान्तम् शिवम् अव्‍दैतम् भूतान (Shantam, Shivam, advaitam
Bhutan: Travelogue)
Dilip Borkar Beemb Prakashan 978-93-84951-95-5 Rs.200 Paperback
ती जीण ते खीण (Tee Jeen te Kheenn : A Collection of
Ashok Kamat Sanjana Publications N/A Rs.195 Paperback
स्टेथोस्कोप (Stethoscope: Medical) Dr. Umanath V. Rataboli Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.70 Paperback
साहित्य शिल्प (Sahitya Shilp : Research Papers) Goa Konkani Akademi Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.50 Paperback
बाकीबाब बोरकार (Bakibaba : Monograph on Life and Work) Prakash Thali Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.75 Paperback
समूळ होमियोपथी उपाय (Samul Homeopathy Uday) Dr. Urba Naik Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.170 Paperback
कोंकणी भग्तिगीतां (Konkani Bhagtigitam) Jose Pereira Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.140 Paperback
आरोग्यं धनसंपदा (Arogyam Dhanasampada : Medical) Dr. Anand Helekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.125 Paperback
गोंयचे सुटकेचे लाब आनी गोंय राज्याचो फुडार (Achievements of
Goa’s Liberation and Future of Goa)
Rajendra Arlekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.20 Paperback
नादब्रह्‍म (Nadbrahma) Shakuntala Bharane Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.140 Paperback
ऊंच हावेस ऊंच माथें (Unch Haves Unch Mathem) Damodar Mauzo Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.20 Paperback
पुरूषोतम काकोडकार जिवीत आनी कार्य (Purshottam Kakodkar :
Jivit Ani Karya)
Dr. Harischandra Nagvenkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
संवसरीक तत्वगिन्यान इतिहास आनी वळख (Samvsarik Tatvaginyan :
Itihas Aanni Valakha)
Dr. Kamaladevi Kunkolienkar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.130 Paperback
कांसावलेचें रायां फेस्त (Kansavalechem Rayam Festa) Chandrakant Keni Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.20 Paperback
कोंकणी भाशा : प्रकृती आनी परंपरा (Konkani Bhasha : Prakriti
Ani Parampara)
Dr. S. B. Kulkarni, Bhushan Bhave Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.140 Paperback
भलायकेचो रखणदार (Bhalaikencho Rhakhandar : Medical) Dr. Bhikaji Ghanekar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.100 Paperback
शतकाचे स्वरचाणे (Shetkache Swarchar) Dr. V. B Deshpande Swardana Pratikshan Rs.100 Paperback
गोंयांतले रुख (Goyantle Rukh) Dr. Kasturi Narayan Desai Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs.15 Paperback


“I would like to write more books in the future”

DSC00156Renuka Nayak, was born in Mumbai and spent a good part of her life in Africa and Cambodia. She currently lives in Mangalore. She is a teacher by profession and a mother to two naughty boys who keep her on her toes all day; yet the writer in her makes sure to write a few lines each day. She believes that she was born with a pen in her hand rather than a silver spoon in her mouth.

The author of Expect the Unexpected, when asked about what inspired her to write a book about fear, betrayal and suspense, had the following to say, Books always fascinated me. The stories would take me to a different world. I would relive the characters. One fine day, just like that I sat down with a book and a pen and began to write. That’s when I realized that I enjoyed writing as much I enjoyed reading. I fell in love with the idea of making up my own stories and bringing the characters to life. That’s when I decided to write a book. My dream of writing a book came true when I took a break from work (I am a teacher) as I was expecting my second child. I finally found the time to pen down my stories. That is when ‘Expect the unexpected’ happened. ‘Expect the unexpected’ is a collection of short stories on betrayal, fear and suspense. It would appeal to the senses of one and all. I would like to write more books in future.9789385523495_fc

Expect the Unexpected by Renuka Nayak

Available now on

as Paperback and Ebook versions.

Books on Goa Available at The Dogears Bookshop

Below is a list of titles available at The Dogears Bookshop. Call 98503 98530 / 88056 46643 to check for status on availability.

Title Author Publisher ISBN MRP Format
Lived Heritage, Shared Space Angelo Costa Silveira Yoda Press 81-903634-7-6 Rs. 495 Paperback
Whitewash, Red Stone Paulo Varela Gomes Yoda Press 93-80403-00-3 Rs. 450 Paperback
Churches of Goa Jose Pereira Oxford University Press 0-19566541-4 Rs. 350 Paperback
The Parish Churches of Goa Jose Lourenco Broadway Publishing House 9789380837192 Rs. 595 Paperback
Written in Stone: Jesuit Buildings in Goa and their Artistic and Architectural Features Cristina Osswald Goa, 1556 / Golden Heart Emporium Bookshop 978-93-80739-16-8 Rs. 400 Paperback
Shenai Goembab: The Man and His Work Shantaram Varde Valaulikar Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs. 25 Paperback
Battles Waged, Lasting Dreams: Aquino de Braganca: The Man and His Times Silvia Braganca Goa, 1556 978-93-80739-19-9 Rs. 350 Paperback
Francisco Luis Gomes 1829-1869: A Select Reader Luis De Assis Correia Goa, 1556 978-93-80739-28-1 Rs. 350 Paperback
Everything is Grace: Diary of An International Global Immigrant Priest Fr. George Aranha Ed.D Goa, 1556 / Golden Heart Emporium 978-93-80739-88-5 Rs. 400 Paperback
A Journey To Remember: Memoirs of My Professional and Leisure Life Vitorino A. Pinto Third Millennium 978-81-904389-7-1 Rs. 195 Paperback
Vamona Navelcar: An Artist of Three Continents Anne Ketteringham Reality Premedia Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune N/A Rs. 900 Paperback
The Heroic: Saint Francis Xavier Patrick J. Lobo Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-12-8 Rs. 495 Paperback
Unladylike: A Memoir Radhika Vaz Aleph Book Company 978-93-83064-17-5 Rs. 299 Paperback
Of Divine Bondage: The Epic Life of St. Joseph Vaz Oscar de Noronha Third Millennium N/A Rs. 250 Paperback
Dharmanand Kosambi: The Essential Writings Meera Kosambi Permanent Black 817824374-1 Rs. 495 Paperback
Faces of Colonial India: The Work of Goan Artist Antonio Xavier de Trindade Fatima da Silva Gracias Fundacao Oriente / Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-09-8 Rs. 995 Paperback
My Days in Journalism Ervell E. Menezes Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-14-2 Rs. 170 Paperback
Profiles of Eminent Goans : Past and Present J. Clement Vaz Ph.D Concept Publishing Company 81-7022-619-8 Rs. 400 Hardcover
Luis De Menezes Braganca : Nationalism, Secularism And Free-Thought In Portuguese Goa Sushila Sawant Mendes Directorate of Art & Culture 978-81-923329-4-9 Rs. 850 Hardcover
Dalgado: The Man and the Scholar Fr. A. Pereira S.J Sahitya Akademi N/A Rs. 40 Hardcover
Shreyarthee Dilip Borkar Bimb Publications N/A Rs. 200 Hardcover
Goencho Saib Rajan Narayan Goan Observer Pvt. Ltd. N/A Rs. 150 Paperback
Goa’s Foremost Nationalist: Jose Inacio Candido de Loyola Edited by Charles J. Borges, Translated by Lino Leitao Concept Publishing Company 81-7022-259-1 Rs. 650 Hardcover
Viagens do reino para a Índia e da Índia para o reino (1608-1612): Diarios de navegação coligidos por D. António de Ataíde no século XVII (Volume I) Introdução e notas do Comandante Humberto Leitão Agência-Geral do Ultramar, Lisboa – MCMLVII N/A Rs. 1000 Paperback
O fim dos séculos: Goa, Damão, Diu Antonio Correia de Lima Bertrand editora 972-25-0994-2 Rs. 1000 Paperback
O fim dos séculos: Goa, Damão, Diu Antonio Correia de Lima Bertrand editora 972-25-0994-2 Rs. 1000 Paperback
O espião Alemão em Goa: Operação Long Shanks, 1943 Jose Antonio Barreiros Hugin 972-794-006-4 Rs. 1000 Paperback
Portugal os anos do fim: de Goa ao largo do Carmo Jaime Nogueira Pinto Sociedade de Publicações de Economica e Finanças, LDA. N/A Rs. 1000 Paperback
Preia-Mar: Um Romance Epitacio Pais Goa, 1556 / Golden Heart Emporium 978-93-80739-68-7 Rs. 350 Paperback
Arte da Lingoa Canarím Padre Thomaz Estevao (Fr. Thomas Stephens) CinnamonTeal Publishing 978-93-81542-40-8 Rs. 695 Hardcover
Vivências Partilhadas Maria Elsa da Rocha Third Millennium 81-903648-6-3 Rs. 250 Paperback
A História de Cuncolim Adv. Lingu Raghuvir Dalvi Late Adv. Dattaram Lingu Dalvi Memorial Trust N/A Rs. 300 Paperback
Contos e Narrativas Carmo de Noronha Maureen & Camvet Publishers Pvt. Ltd. N/A Rs. Paperback
Readings in Indo-Portuguese Literature: Episódio Oriental Edited by Maria Ines Figueira & Oscar de Noronha Fundacao Oriente / Third Millennium 978-81-904389-1-9 Rs. 225 Paperback
Dicionário de Literatura Goesa(A-Z) Aleixo Manuel da Costa Fundacao Oriente / Broadway Publishing House 978-93-80837-56-7 Rs. 350 Hardcover
Boddki: Romance Agostinho Fernandes Third Millennium 978-81-904389-6-4 Rs. 400 Paperback
…Por Além do Além: Romance-Ficção Agostinho Fernandes Third Millennium 978-81-904389-2-6 Rs. 275 Paperback
Goan Seafood Recipes ICAR- Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-38-8 Rs. 350 Paperback
Cozinha de Goa: History and Tradition of Goan Food Fatima da Silva Gracias Goa, 1556 / Broadway Publishing House 978-93-80739-09-0 Rs. 295 Paperback
Goan Cookbook Joyce Fernandes Broadway Bookcentre N/A Rs. 200 Paperback
Jane D’Souza’s Cookbook Jane D’Souza Fountainhead Publications, Mangalore N/A Rs. 250 Paperback
A Culinary Escapade of Goa: A Review of 40 Restaurants Odette Mascarenhas Joe Mascarenhas N/A Rs. 275 Paperback
Swaadisht Amita Talaulicar Rajhauns Vitaran 81-7810-446-6 Rs. 165 Paperback
Successful Goan Wines Edwin Saldanha Rajhauns Vitaran 978-81-85854-11-4 Rs. 165 Paperback
Goan Dishes Sudha S. Amonkar Rajhauns Vitaran 81-85339-41-4 Rs. 110 Paperback
A Treasure Trove of Goan Mango Dishes Nilima M. Kamat Rajhauns Vitaran 978-81-85854-99-8 Rs. 165 Paperback
The Culinary Heritage of Goa Odette Mascarenhas Joe Mascarenhas 978-83-908116-8-0 Rs. 1199 Hardcover
Good Food & Lots More Gilda Mendonsa Maureen and Camvet Publishers Pvt. Ltd. N/A Rs. 275 Paperback
Ishtann: The best of Goan Saraswat Cuisine Padma Mahale Printer’s Devil 978-81-906259-9-9 Rs. 250 Paperback
The Essential Goa Cookbook Maria Teresa Menezes Penguin Books 978-0-14-100087-9 Rs. 450 Paperback
Times Food Guide: Restaurants, Beach Shacks and Bars Odette Mascarenhas Times Group Books 978-93-84038-50-2 Rs. 299 Paperback
Potpuja: Timeless Goan recipes with a 5-week time-table (Available in English and Konkani) Usha Vaman Bale Printer’s Devil 978-81-906251-1-3 Rs. 250 Paperback
Swayampaak Riya Lotlikar Naresh Sawal N/A Rs. 150 Paperback
New Songs of the Survivors Yvonne Vaz Ezdani Speaking Tiger 978-93-85755-18-7 Rs. 350 Paperback
Community, Memory, and Migration in Globalizing World: The Goan Experience, c. 1890-1980 Margret Frenz Oxford University Press 0-19-945175-3 Rs. 995 Hardcover
A Railway Runs Through: Goans of British East Africa, 1865-1980 Selma Carvalho CinnamonTeal Publishing 978-93-84129-21-7 Rs. 520 Paperback
From Coconut Trees to Oil Wells: Journeys, links and solidarity between Goa and Kuwait Anthony Veronica Fernandes Goa, 1556 / Golden Heart Emporium 9789380739700 Rs. 200 Paperback
Into the Diaspora Wilderness: Goa’s Untold Migration Stories from the British Empire to the New World Selma Carvalho Goa, 1556 / Broadway Publishing House 978-93-80739-02-1 Rs. 345 Paperback
More Matata: Love after the Mau Mau: A Novel Set in Goa and Kenya Braz Menezes Matata Books 978-1480086333 Rs. 350 Paperback
Beyond the Cape: Sin, Saints, Slaves, Settlers (Just Matata: Second Edition) Braz Menezes Matata Books 978-1519724298 Rs. 350 Paperback
For the Konkani Students (Konkani Vidhyarthyank) Shenai Goembab/ Translated by: Srinivas Kamat Goa Konkani Akademi N/A Rs. 30 Paperback
The Mussoll Dance of Chandor: The dance of Christian Kshatriyas Zenaides Morenas The Clarissa Vaz e Morenas N/A Rs. 250 Paperback
The Many Faces of Sundorem : Women in Goa Fatima da Silva Gracias Surya Publications 978-81-7525-823-5 Rs. 395 Paperback
Another Goa Frederick Noronha Goa, 1556 / Broadway Book Centre 978-81-905682-7-2 Rs. 245 Paperback
Raw Earth Alexandre Moniz Barbosa Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-39-5 Rs. 295 Paperback
Land & People of Indian States & Union Territories (Vol. 7): Goa Edited by: S C Bhatt & Gopal K Bhargava Kalpaz Publications 81-7835-363-6 Rs. 830 Hardcover
Encyclopedia of Art and Culture in India (Vol. 14): Goa Editor: Gopal Bhargava Isha Books 81-8205-440-0 Rs. 1200 Hardcover
Texts, Tomes Treasures: The evolution of Goa’s Publica Livraria Maria Pia de Menezes Rodrigues Goa, 1556 / Golden Heart Emporium N/A Rs. 200 Paperback
Portuguese Language and Literature in Goa: Past, Present and Future (A compilation of articles presented at the National Level Seminar organized by V.M. Salgaocar College of Law in association with Ismilda Research Consultancy) Edited by Dr. Carmo D’souza CinnamonTeal Publishing 978-93-84129-170 Rs. 450 Paperback
Parmal: The Eternal Fragrance of Goan Heritage (Volume 6) Edited by Prava Rai Goa Heritage Action Group N/A Rs. 200 Paperback
Parmal: The Eternal Fragrance of Goan Heritage (Volume 7) Edited by Prava Rai Goa Heritage Action Group N/A Rs. 200 Paperback
Birds of Goa Heinz Lainer and Rahul Alvares The Goa Foundation 81-85569-61-4 Rs. 800 Paperback
When The Curtains Rise: Understanding Goa’s Vibrant Konkani Theatre Andre Rafael Fernandes Published with the support of Tiatr Academy of Goa and Goa, 1556 978-93-80739-01-4 Rs. 195 Hardcover
Public Matters Eduardo Faleiro Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-29-6 Rs. 300 Hardcover
Environment and Development Sangeeta M. Sonak Broadway Publishing House 978-93-80837-91-8 Rs. 499 Hardcover
Goa- Looking Back Looking Froward Dr. Brijpal Singh Gahloth, Dr. Elizabeth Joey Henriques, Ms. Deepa Prajith Broadway Publishing House 978-93-84298-34-0 Rs. 595 Paperback
Women’s Health in Goa Shaila Desouza Concept Publishing Company 81-8069-256-6 Rs. 550 Hardcover
Demographic Transition in Goa and Its Policy Implications V. A. Pai Panandiker, P. N. Chaudhuri Uppal Publishing House N/A Rs. 150 Hardcover
Konkani Literature in Roman Script Prof. Dr. Olivinho Gomes Dalgado Konknni Akademi N/A Rs. 190 Hardcover
Feasts, Feni and Firecrackers: Life of a Village Schoolboy in Portuguese Goa Mel D’souza Mel D’souza 1-895109-44-2 Rs. 200 Paperback
Eat Dust – Mining and Greed in Goa Hartman de Souza HarperCollins Publishers 978-93-5136-484-9 Rs. 350 Paperback
Hindu-Catholic Engagements in Goa: Religion, Colonialism and Modernity Alexander Henn Orient Blackswan 978-81-250-5521-1 Rs. 895 Hardcover
Faces of Goa Karin Larsen Gyan Publishing House 81-212-0584-0 Rs. 720 Hardcover
Kaleidoscope of Women in Goa Fatima da Silva Gracias Concept Publishing Company 81-7022-591-4 Rs. 250 Hardcover
Goa: A Social History (1510-1640) P. D. Xavier Rajhauns Vitaran 978-81-85339-91-0 Rs. 800 Hardcover
Goa: A Social History (1640-1750) Dr. Sheela Srinivasan Rajhauns Vitaran N/A Rs. 950 Hardcover
Fish Curry and Rice: A Sourcebook on Goa, Its Ecology and Life-style Claude Alvares Goa Foundations Publications 81-85569-48-7 Rs. 750 Hardcover
Traditional Occupations of Goa Pantaleao Fernandes The Word Publications 978-81-903985-5-8 Rs. 2000 Hardcover
Bomoicar: Stories of Bombay Goans, 1920-1980 Compiled and Edited by Reena Martins Goa, 1556 / Golden Heart Emporium 978-93-80739-42-7 Rs. 200 Paperback
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Five reasons you should read “GUY ON THE SIDEWALK’ by Bharath Krishna


  • This book takes you on a splendid joyride across countries. The protagonist; Jay’s anxieties and apprehensions on coming to a new city in the States has been described with such tender details that you can’t help but live the moment with him. For those who have not visited these places, this book is a good start to experience the west for the first time.
  • Every aspiring IT professional wanting to make it big abroad must read this book once. Whether it is the ups and down in the corporate world or the little perks of working in a structured, organized enterprise, Jay goes through a roller coaster of emotions and so will you.
  • An incomplete love story of love found, lost and found again. Jay falls in love for the first time and goes through the clichéd first love experiences much to the annoyance of his friends. This aspect of the book will relate to many heartbroken lovers; who should definitely read this book to find out a unique way in which Jay overcomes himself and moves ahead.
  • This book above everything else portrays the love every Indian has for his beloved country. You might be cribbing and complaining about the state of affairs and current scenario in India but once away from your motherland, your heart craves to belong to it again. The juxtaposition of the two countries; America and India have been brought out in an amicable manner.
  • More than anything else this book stands for itself. If you are an ardent reader and are looking for a pleasant read flip through the chapters of this book and you will end up with an enjoyable experience across countries.

Reminiscing into the Roald Dahl World

A Roald Dahl book inspired, read aloud session was held on the 27
th of May, 2016, at The Dogears Bookshop, Margao. It was conducted by Jugneeta Sudan, academician and freelance writer, for a group of seven children, and four parents who were also present. The read aloud session started off with the distribution of Roald Dahl books among the children, familiarizing them with the way his books are written. It was then followed by a presentation introducing Roald Dahl to the children, his previous occupations, childhood hardships, etc. Short videos on his books that were made movies were also shown to children.

cThe read-aloud commenced with Roald Dahl’s The Magic Finger and Matilda. Various words and their synonyms were also iantroduced to the children. Activities on the same were also held to drive home their meaning. for the older children while the younger children were kept busy by being asked to colour to their heart’s content. 

At the end of the session, the children were seen to have been mesmerized by the stories read out to them and were eager to buy the books they heard about, along with the other books written by Roald Dahl. The smiles of the little children were rewarding and the session concluded on a happy note.

400 Years of Shakespeare

shakespeare-67698_960_720400 years of Shakespeare: Recounting some of his lesser-known works

Even after more than 400 years since Shakespeare penned his last work, he is still the greatest known writer of not just the English literary canon but the world literary canon. So what makes him ‘The Bard’ of all times? Shakespeare’s plays have a universal appeal because of the way he captures the essence of human emotions. Shakespeare drew his characters in a very detailed manner delving deep into their psyche. His characters are never black and white, they are multi-layered. His protagonist often possesses a tragic flaw signifying the human tendency to err which is what makes his plays evergreen.

Shakespeare’s most known plays of all times are the tragedies Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Julius Caesar and the comedies Merchant of Venice, As You Like It, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Comedy of Errors. However, there’s much more to Shakespeare than these famous classics.  Here are some of Shakespeare’s lesser known yet equally well-written plays that one should not miss reading.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre: This play is believed to be part written by William Shakespeare and part by George Wilkins. This is one of the first ‘Problem Plays’ that Shakespeare wrote. One of the reasons why the play is exciting to read and watch is because of the shifts in the setting throughout the play. The play is about the life of Pericle, the Prince of Tyre who escapes a plotting king and marries Thaisa only to lose his wife and daughter during a storm in the sea. Dramatic elements like love, shipwreck, incest, riddles, famine, jealousy, an omniscient narrator and separation of loved ones makes the story of Pericles, the Prince of Tyre is definitely worth a read. The play is embedded with a whirlwind of events, one tragedy after another befalling the Prince of Tyre with a joyous ending depicting the rewards of human goodness.

Cymbeline:   The play is actually the story of King Cymbeline’s daughter Imogen who, against the wishes of her wicked stepmother and her oafish step-brother Cloten marries a low-born Posthumous. While Posthumous is banished for this deed, the play leads to a new revelation at every turn. Cymbeline is more of a romantic than a tragedy. There is plotting, there’s murder and then there’s the divine intervention by god Jupiter. A perfect mix to be a great romantic.

The Merry Wives of Windsor: This play written by Shakespeare was first published in 1602 and one of the few plays based in contemporary England. The Merry Wives of Windsor is more like a humorous family drama. An old penniless Mr Falstaff from Henry IV is seen in a different light as he tries to woo two wealthy mistresses Mrs Page and Mrs Ford, who take it upon themselves to teach the sly man a lesson. Miss Anne Page on the other hand faces a dilemma as she is being pursued by three gentlemen at the same time. There are mistaken identities, there is dramatic irony, and there is slapstick comedy which makes the play highly entertaining. With funny character names like Slender and Mrs Quickly the play presents itself to be quite a delight.

The Life of Timon of Athens : This is a simple Shakespearean drama yet strikingly different from most of his other plays. The play is about the life of Timon who is an overly generous man, so much so that his lavish dinner parties and giving away of gifts to people made him bankrupt. Presumably, in times of trouble, this do-gooder expected his friends to help him by lending him some money. Unfortunately, no one agrees to do so and a dejected,  bitter Timon leaves the city to find shelter in the woods. This play does not have many subplots, it does not have the presence of very powerful characters either. The protagonist Timon, is not the usual Shakespearean hero, he is spend-thrift and all he craves for is attention. This character journeys from being a philanthropist to a misanthropist by the end of the play and his psyche is brilliantly portrayed by the playwright.

Titus Andronicus: This Shakespearean drama is as gory as it gets. Most characters in this play are blood thirsty and vengeful. This is the first tragedy that Shakespeare had written. The entire plot is based on revenge and its vicious cycle. While a lot of readers find it very disturbing, many find it powerful and gripping. Titus is a Roman general who emerges victorious in a fierce battle after losing twenty-one of his twenty-five sons. He returns to Rome with Tamora, the queen of Goths, her three sons and Aaron from the Moor as prisoners of war. The tale starts after Titus sacrifices the eldest of Tamora’s sons. Consequently, Tamora makes sure they indulge in a blood bath leading to the death of fourteen characters and some brutal violence.

Some of the above plays were written in the early phase of Shakespeare’s journey as a playwright. “Titus Andronicus”  is known to be the first of Shakespeare’s tragedies. There is an evident distinction in the style, both in writing and in plot of these plays. For anyone who loves reading, these plays are a must because they mark the start of a history in the making.







An Author Speaks Her Mind

Leticia-photoWe asked Leticia Afonso, author of ‘Think From the Heart’, what she felt about ebooks vis-à-vis the printed book, and her thoughts on self-publishing as opposed to the traditional publishing options available to authors. This is what she had to say.

“As technology has advanced, so has the way of reading books. We use computers nearly everywhere now. eBooks are trending these days,​ they are quite popular with the youth. Ebooks give you the flexibility of reading anywhere and at any time you want, they make it unnecessary to carry along a huge load of books. I still prefer printed books. I love the smell of them, I love to turn the pages, I love the little bookmarks, I love to hold the book in my hand and just go on for hours  reading it. Tablets do not work for me when it comes to reading books. Being a software engineer, I sit in front of a computer all day. I wouldn’t like to do that at home as well. I take solace in reading, I wouldn’t want technology to intrude in that space.

“When it comes to publishing, both have its pros and cons. Self-publishing allows you freedom from the dictates of a publisher. You don’t need to rely on somebody else to get your book out there. You don’t have to make several trips to the publisher’s office, or email it repeatedly. You don’t have to wait for months to hear from them. You can mould the publishing process based on your own requirements. You only need to invest in the process, both time and money. On the other hand, conventional publishing seems attractive because the publisher will do everything for you. You needn’t worry much, especially if you manuscript is chosen for publishing. But it’s a long wait before you know for certain that a publisher will pick up your book. Sometimes the wait can kill your dreams. But if you are determined enough, I believe anything is possible.”

Tête-à-tête with an Author

Front Cover_9789385523212CinnamonTeal caught up with Bharath Krishna, author of “Guy on The Sidewalk’.’, to discuss the motivation behind his book, his choice of characters, and his plans for the future.

CinnamonTeal (CT): Why did you choose this title for your book?
Bharath Krishna (BK): ‘Guy on the Sidewalk’ is the story of a young man who is constantly pulled back by some unknown force from doing what he really wants to do in life. Finally, he breaks out of both, his real and imaginary constraints, and chooses to listen to his heart. This, in turn. impact both his professional and personal choices. ‘Sidewalk’ is a metaphor I use to mean something that’s not main street or real world, from which this guy tends to keeps a safe distance without facing head on, until he does one day.

CT: What makes ‘Guy on the Sidewalk’ stand out in the crowd?

(BK): The novel deals with the intricate and conflicting human emotions that are woven within an engaging story. The main theme is told in a very subtle manner, with wit and sarcasm peppered throughout. In all, there is something in the novel for everyone to relate to.

CT: Why spend time in your life writing a book like this?

(BK): Even before I became a novelist I wrote on and off in blogs, social media and sometimes just for myself. Looking back I could see that unknowingly I wrote only when there was some social or political phenomenon that prompted me to write. The same is the case with my debut novel too. This is a story I felt should be told to the Indian youth. From the perspective of a young man I tried to incorporate contemporary elements – like the life of NRIs, return to India, the changing pattern of relationships, and one’s responsibility towards parents and the country.

CT: Is there any truth into the characters of your book? Are there any real life inspirations?

(BK): A writer cannot completely ignore his impressions. To some extent I might have been inspired by the people I had seen or heard about or read in the media but I tried my best not to create characters in the novel that corresponded with real people. I have intentionally taken the time period I stayed in the US as the time period of the story so that I could relate the external environment better.

CT: What do you think makes a good story?

(BK): I have a simple definition for a good story – the one that strikes a chord with the audience. I guess that’s true for any piece of creative work.

CT: Do you have any particular favorite character in the book?

(BK): Besides the main character, Jay, I would say, Jhansi.

CT: Where were you when the idea for this book came to you?

(BK): I was in the US, and I was planning to come back to India for good.

CT: What do your plans for future projects include?

(BK): Writing for sure is going to be part of my life in the future. In fact I am already working on my second novel. I also have a couple of ideas, thought at a very nascent stage. As I said before I would prefer to write on themes the readers could relate to the world around them.