Now This is a tutorial for all those who want to convert their ebook (eg. from .epub format to .mobi  format ). I will be using the KindleGen software for the conversion This conversion is necessary if the ebooks are to be used on the Kindle devices.

Lets get started !!

Installing KindleGen on Linux :

  • Copy the link given below and then paste it in the of the web browser.
  • Check the box besides I agree and click on “Download Now“.
  • KindleGen_iagree




  • Create a new blank folder called “KindleGen” in your “Home” directory (eg “Local Disk C on windows” or “Home on linux”) and then enter into that folder.
  • KindleGen_emptyfolder










  • Select all the files and then extract them to the “KindleGen” folder created above.
  • KindleGen_afterextraction



  • Thats it !! You are now all setup for the conversion of eBooks.

Converting an eBook from ePub to mobi using KindleGen :

  • Assume your eBook is at the location given below on your computer:
  • epub_location




  • Enter the terminal and then change directory to the location where the .epub file exists.
  •  cd ‘/home/pandora/Test Ebook/’

  • Then type the following command in the terminal (Note: Replace the word “test” with your epub filename) and then hit “Enter” on your keyboard.
  • ~/KindleGen/kindlegen “test.epub”

  • If the conversion(i.e. epub to mobi ) was successful then a same filename with mobi format will be created in that directory.
  • mobi-location



  • Now you are ready to run the file on Kindle Previewer .

Note:The file extensions should be visible on the computer.

If you are using MacOS :

  • Open a new Finder window on your Mac.

  • In Menu bar, go to Finder and then select Preferences.








  • Click on Advanced tab.








  • Then select the box that says “Show all filename extensions”. If you want to hide file extensions, just uncheck the box.

If you are using Windows Operating System 7/Vista :

  • Start Windows Explorer, you can do this by opening up any folder.

  • Click Organize.

  • Click Folder and search options.

  • Click the View tab.

  • Then scroll down until you notice Hide extensions for known file types, un-check this line by clicking the check box.

  • Click OK.

If you are using Windows Operating System 8/8.1/10 :

  • Open the File Explorer.

  • Tap on View and then click on Options.




  • In Folder Options window and then  select View tab.

  • In Advanced Settings area > Scroll down and  then uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.






Adding ebooks on iBook app:

  • Make sure iTunes is installed and configured on the computer.

  • Then the computer should be added as trusted device for that iPad.

  • Connect the iPad via datacable to the computer.

  • In iTunes on the left menu there will be “Books” button









  • Click on the Books.

  • Drag and drop your ebook(.epub format) into that box.

  • Open the iBook app and refresh if the book is not visible.

Adding ebooks on KOBO app:

  • Open iTunes and then click on the device icon and select the device as given below









  • Then on the left menu click on the “File Sharing” button as below







  • Then select “Kobo” under apps .






  • Click on Add >select the ebook(.epub format).

  • Then click on “Sync” placed at bottom-right of the iTunes.

  • Then click on “Done” placed at bottom-right of the iTunes.

  • Now open the “Kobo” app > Refresh it.

  • If book is not visible > click on search options > Type the ebook name > select it.

NOTE: Carefully select the file with proper format (eg. .epub format), selecting a different ebook (eg .mobi) format will not appear on the app.