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Our books on Goa (and Goans)

A list of our publications on Goa (and or by Goans):

  1. Massacre in Margao: A Graphic History of the Revolt of 21 September 1890, ISBN: 9789381542828. The book, developed in the graphic format depicts the sequence of events leading to the rigging of the elections and the consequent firing on the protestors. The book can be purchased by clicking here.
  2. Arte da Lingoa Canarim, ISBN: 9789381542408. A facsimile copy of 1640 edition of the same book by Thomas Stephens and others. It is claimed that this is the first published grammar of any Indian language. The book has a comprehensive introduction by Fr. Ivo Coelho. Read more about this book here and follow this link to purchase the book.Arte_da_Lingoa_Canarim
  3. Legal System in Goa, Vol I (ISBN: 9789381542576) and Vol II (ISBN: 9789381542583) by Dr. Carmo D’Souza. These books are an excellent source of information for those who wish to study the legal evolution of a colony whose laws were deemed quite progressive for the times. You can buy Vol I here and Vol II here.
  4. Images of Goa, ISBN: 9789380151953. The book is nostalgic reminder of the serene environs of Goa, the Goa that inspired poet and lyricist alike. The book can be purchased here.
  5. Xirap ani her nnov kotha/A Madhouse in Goa and nine other stories, ISBN: 9789381542644. This book is a bi-lingual book with stories both in the author, Ben Antao’s native Konkani and in English. Read more about this book here and buy it here.
  6. Jose’s Dreams, ISBN: 9789381542606, a novel “that cries out to remake this world not on the dreams of imperialistic greed, but on Peace and Love – the heritage of the human spirit”. Buy the epub version by clicking here.
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The Margao Book Club

It was always our dream to have a book club in Margao. So when we finally moved to a new office space in the city that gave us enough room to host a book club meeting, we jumped at the opportunity. Two months into moving in, we had our first book club meeting on the 24th of March.

We had six people attending the first meeting and along with us made for a full house of 11. While we thought that the group should not be constrained with too many rules, we did put a framework in place:

a. Unlike most other book clubs, we decided not to insist on just one book being read for the meetings. Instead members could decide what they each wanted to read and come to the meeting prepared to discuss that book. We decided on this approach because it might not be feasible to find so many copies of the same book and because not everyone may feel inclined to read the same book.

b. However, based on one member’s suggestion, we thought we would all consider reading the same book twice a year i.e. once every six months, all members would discuss the same book at the meeting.

c. At the book club meeting, books alone would be discussed and every effort would be made to ensure that the discussions did not stray away from books

d. While discussing, members could speak about:

  • The plot of the book (without giving too much away)
  • The characters in the book
  • A new author they had read or heard about
  • Perhaps even discuss who would play the role of characters in the book if it were made into a movie.
  • Other aspects that impacted the reader the most
e. Finally, we decided to meet on the last Saturday of every month.

We are excited about this book club and hope it will be a place where intellectually stimulating conversations take place. We are planning another book club for children. We will keep you posted on that one.