Multiple colour gradients can be used in a very easy way using Inkscape.

Let us learn to use the multiple colour gradients in Inkscape.

Requirements :

Software – Inkscape version 0.92 or higher.

Time – 5 – 10 minutes.

Now you can follow the steps given below :

Step 1

  • Draw an object or create your own drawing.
  • Then select the gradient tool.
  • You can now hitG’ to activate it.


Step 2

  • Double click on the gradient line.
  • After that insert nodes.


gradient 2

You can individually select and space out the nodes.

Note : These nodes can be selected separately and gradients applied to them.

It wont change the gradient for the entire object, but creates a new gradient within each node area.

gradients 4

Step 3

  • Prepare colour swatches(also called palette) of colours of your choice.

Note : This will make selecting colours with easy with the colour picker tool.

gradient 6

Step 4

  • Select the first the node.
  • Using the colour picker tool from the Fill container, select the first colour of the swatch.
  • You will notice that only the portion represented by that particular gradient node will be coloured.


  • In the same manner select the remaining nodes and pick out the remaining colours of the swatches.


You can apply this method to any object or shape in Inkscape. Here is a good usage of the gradient.


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