It’s a Jungle Out There

Our focus on working with serious authors, those who are themselves passionate about the art of writing and are intent on developing a good book while taking advantage of the benefits of self-publishing, has resulted in the development of some very interesting books, with good content and illustrations. One such delightful book is Elephant Tales from Hara Hara by Simren Kaur.


This, primarily a children’s book but also with the ability to keep other readers engrossed, is the story of the wild elephants of Hara Hara, whose idyllic existence is threatened by the appearance of gun-wielding poachers. The book, besides being a wonder to read, also sensitizes children on the need to be aware of animals and their rights in this world.

In order to retain the attention of children reading this book, various illustrations were developed for the book. This not only enhanced the quality of the book but also make it a reading pleasure and a must-have keepsake. The cover and illustrations were both developed by CinnamonTeal.

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Simren Kaur is the author of several books of fiction, including The Adventures of Zangbo and The Musk Poachers, as well as non-fiction, such as Dear Pichy and Mountains of Adventure, published by the Children’s Book Trust of India. She lives in Chandigarh with her husband and pets.

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