Beginning in 2007 we opened our online book selling platform to other publishers who wished to sell their books there. Dogears Etc. was intended to be a platform for the sale of used books alone but when publishers requested that we provide a platform, we simply couldn’t refuse.

Even today we are among a few Indian book selling platforms that allow purchases from outside India. This has proved tremendously beneficial to the publishers who have listed their books there and to our authors who have readers based outside India. The facilitation fee we currently charge is a low 20%, and while we intend to keep it that way for long, those in the know will realize that it is way below what is normally charged in India.

Today, we are pleased to include FunOKplease among the publishers listed on our website. The Mumbai-based publisher has a relatively small catalogue but one that produces books that are exquisitely designed and with an eye on children. Given the relative paucity of books that address the needs of children in India, FunOkplease is a welcome initiative. We wish them well.

To view and purchase their books, do visit