Many entrepreneurs have entertained the idea of writing a book, whether to share their expertise, to narrate their experiences of setting up a business, to establish the company’s brand, or to mentor others who are venturing into businesses of their own. After they have written their book, however, they are faced with the choices of either approaching a publisher and getting the book published by a reputed, traditional publisher, or of publishing the book themselves i.e. resorting to self-publishing.

typewriter_by_chicho21net-d578dtzThe latter approach, that of self-publishing, previously frowned upon as an exercise in vanity, is rapidly finding acceptance among many authors. Self-publishing makes it possible for the author to remain engaged with the publishing process, understand the costs of publishing and arrive on a price that will find resonance with the market. There are challenges too, as the author is often expected to play a major role in marketing the book to its target audience. With no publisher and book publicist to take care of marketing and publicity, it is left to the author to ensure that there is wide awareness of the book and that the book is accessible to anyone who wishes to buy it.

The market for such business books is almost well defined and so are the “access points” for such a market. The smart author will be able to identify these access points and make information about the book available there. A well-networked author will also be able to use help from friends and peers in the industry to ensure that the book is widely known among people who might be interested in it.

This makes self-publishing the more attractive option for the entrepreneur-author. The process is self-funded, yet can be paced to ensure that the book is published according the author’s convenience and budget. Every aspect of the book, whether its cover, price or distribution channel is arrived at only after considering the author’s inputs. This makes it easier for the author to develop a sound marketing plan that utilizes all available options.