This is a tutorial for creating a bootable USB stick on Ubuntu installed systems. The bootable USB stick a will serve for the following purposes :

  • If you do not have a CD/DVD drive installed on your system.
  • Easy to install and portable .

Let’s get started !!

Requirements :

  • Ubuntu installed on the computer.
  • USB pendrive( 4Gb is sufficient).
  • Downloaded (.iso) file of the operating system.

Using the software :

  • Insert the pendrive in your computer and then open the Dash.
  • Type in “Startup Disk Creator” and hit enter.
  • bootable SDC





  • In “‘Source Disk Image” , click on “Other“.
  • Browse the directory to the downloaded (.iso) and select it.
  • Then below in “Disk to use“, select your USB pendrive.(Note : All the existing data on the selected disk will be erased).
  • Click on “Make Startup Disk” and wait till the write process is complete.
  • bootable writing disc image




  • It will display the following message on successful completion :
  • bootable installation complete


Great !! Now you are ready to test the USB stick.

  • Plugin the bootable USB stick onto the computer that you want to test.
  • Now power on the computer.
  • Wait for the first screen to pop up(Note : It lasts for only few seconds, so be quick !).
  • Hit “F10” or “F12” and Choose the boot device as your USB .
  • Thats it ! You can now use it as Live OS or to install ubuntu.