Driven by our passion for literary awareness and with the sole motive of spreading it among all readers, Dogears Etc has now moved across different regional languages and genres. The online bookstore was originally conceptualised as a bookstore for used books that allowed reader to sell and buy used books at affordable prices. Dogears Etc has now taken the initiative to bring Indian language literature to the fore while still catering to the demand for used books.

Some of the best literature available in India is in its many languages. And with growing readership for these languages, we now offer books in different 27Indian regional languages. These range from Konkani books published in both the Roman and Devanagiri script, besides books in Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali(a translation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series). Our book shelves also carry used books including Mills & Boons romances, educational and research books. The platform also allows one to sell their books after registering themselves on the website. You are then guided through the entire book listing process. We strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions mentioned on our website in detail before you sell there, as we always strive to be transparent in all our business dealings and associations. Buying a book is equally easier. The buyer is provided by different shipping and payment options along with the transit time expected. Any other queries regarding shipping are addressed on our website.

Dogears Etc also offers the facility to buy and sell print versions, ebooks and audio books as well – with an added facility of gifting an ebook to your dear ones. The buyer can also request for a book that they might want to purchase and we will ensure that the buyer gets what he/she has requested for. To avail of all these services that we offer under one platform, visit

-Wileen Barretto