Leticia Afonso, the author of “Think from the Heart” explains how she came to be where she is in life today.









“All that I am today, I owe it to mama big time. Single-handedly she raised the three of us. She never deprived us of anything. It was as if our wish was her command. She would make ends meet somehow. No matter what she had to go through, she never showed  any sign of distress. She would start her day with a smile and would brighten up the entire room with her laughter. She always thought us to face our fears; worrying is no solution to any problem, she would say. She had to be both parents to us. She was strict when required, yet was the most loving person I have ever known. Though she is not amidst us today, I am sure that she is watching over me from heaven above. She has been my greatest strength in this journey of life. No matter what problem I faced, I could always turn to her. I had to only speak of my difficulties and they would be solved the moment I spoke of them. No matter how tired she was, she always gave a listening ear. All that I am today is because of mama. I don’t think I would have learned so much about life, if it wasn’t for her. She always said, ‘Education is very important. Learn as much as you can. It will never be a waste, It will always come in handy.’ And today I am a Software Engineer. Mama being a teacher of English, instilled in me my love for literature. I loved the way she gave her speeches, they were like music to my ears.”