Authors often ask how much they will get paid per sale. That’s a fair question. They want to know right from the start, and naturally expect the process to be transparent.

They also see what other websites offer. In many cases it is a percentage. Sometimes 30%, sometimes 70%.16651395369_6b93208988_m

So they ask us how much would we pay.

Except in our case, we do not decide how much we will pay. Rather, the author decides how much she/he should earn.

And we pay you that entire amount. No questions asked.

So, how does 100% sound?

That means, if you decide you would like to earn Rs. 10 per sale, that is how much you get. If you decide you want Rs. 100/- per sale, than that is how much you get (except that such high royalties may increase the cost of your book).

We pay you the entire amount. There are no complicated formulae, no obscurantist percentages, no revenue sharing, nothing. One of the many joys of self-publishing with CinnamonTeal.

[Photo credit: Got Credit]